Crochet bunting


It’s almost been too hot to crochet. I do not really like the really humid high temperatures that we’ve been having and there is just no way that I can face crocheting a blanket at the moment. But bunting is small and therefore do – able. This pattern is from Attic24. It’s a great way of using up yarn!



‘Crochet a long’ so far

When I first started reading blogs there were a few crafty terms that I just didn’t understand. What was a WIP? What Is a CAL?

Well, a CAL is a ‘crochet-a-long’. You buy a kit and then the pattern is released a week at a time and you all work on it together. At least that’s the theory. If you get behind it’s not the end of the world. A WIP is a ‘work in progress’. It took me ages to figure that out!

I am really enjoying doing the Scheepjes CAL called Hugge designed by Kirsten Ballering. It’s been great to have a timetable to stick to and I’ve learnt how to do bobble stitches and surface crochet. img_0821

This is the tension square that you start with to work out your hook size – and the following pictures are the CAL so far. Unbelievably, I am up to date. I’m loving doing cross stitch onto crochet.



I am so looking forward to taking part in a crochet-a-long. I’ve never done one before and when I saw the Scheepjes Hygge Cal I couldn’t resist. It brings together two of my favourite things – crochet and embroidery. I wouldn’t even think of having a go if it wasn’t for the online tutorials that will be provided. I read all about the info on a lovely blog It’s all in a nutshell.

Here’s a photo of the lovely kit – it’s the jewel colourway.They are the most gorgeous colours! It’s been designed by Kirsten Ballering

I’ve also joined Slimming world – but that’s a whole other story!

all done

At last my granny square blanket is done. Decided not to go to bed last night until it was finished 🙂 Trying to make each square a different set of colours was sometimes tricky. It seemed that there were colour combinations that I was preferable to and I had to concentrate on making ‘random’ choices. It’s been a good way to see how different colours work together and some squares I like very much. I will be referring to the blanket for colour combination ideas for other makes. But I’m ahead of myself – I still have another blanket on the go!! well two in fact. But for now I am happy that the granny squares are all crocheted together.

I used Stylecraft Special DK from wool warehouse. It’s inexpensive, there are a lot of colours and it’s washable. It feels soft and lovely too. Hook size 4mm.

My inspiration was from Sue Pinner’s book ‘Granny Squares. 20 crochet projects with a vintage vibe’ But I made my granny squares simpler with triple crochet (UK) rather than a cluster stitch. I’ll try to work up to that! It’s a great book with lovely ideas.


taking forever?

I am so enjoying half term. Spent yesterday shopping with my daughter and making pancakes and pastry with my son. I’ve managed a trip to the allotment and Ikea. Does life get any better?! Well a cottage in the country would be lovely but you can’t have everything.


I am trying to get to the end of a crochet blanket that I seem to have been making for almost two years!!!! I was ordering a couple of balls of wool last night from wool warehouse and there, on my account page, was the order for the wool I am using for this granny square blanket – from two years ago. I need to get it finished.


Super soup


This is Mary Berry’s recipe for butternut squash soup. It is the yummyest soup I’ve ever made. I can’t really post much more now because she is on the telly right now!! Don’t want to miss another brilliantly easy and delicious meal. Here’s the link to the soup. The ginger is the ‘secret’ ingredient that makes it extremely delicious.

celebrating autumn

It seemed like a hot summer here in London – hot for us anyway. So the autumnal chill in the air is very welcome. The garden is still confused though, with hollyhocks and asters (or have they changed their name?) flowering together while leaves change colour. But this is my favourite time of year.

I have hastily made a crochet autumn wreath while watching episodes of Hunted. A new favourite show for our family.