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v&A Museum of Childhood

Last summer I went to the Museum of Childhood with my daughter. I’d been several times before – before even having children of my own (twenty years ago!!). This visit with my now grown up daughter was fairly relaxed. You get to actually read about the items and take your time.

There are several doll’s houses at the museum. I think that the older ones must have once been at the V&A in Kensington because they are mentioned in Ballet Shoes. The fossil sisters are taken to see them from the Old Cromwell Road. They usually walk but take the bus if it’s raining!

I love dolls’ houses and have two! Rachel Whiteread’s artwork Place is lots of dolls’ houses bought together in one place – a village of vintage. It is a wonderful collection. My lundby dolls house is right there!

Lundby dolls’ house

A sampler – how amazing are those stitches?!

I loved the colourful satcks of boxes in the Open Studio made by school children

The Museum of Childhood building is really open and spacious. The floor tiles were made by prisoners (beautifully made!). This is maybe a lesser known fact of the museum! As I said if you go with a grown up child you have time to read stuff 🙂

Outside the decoration on the building is detailed – they went to so much trouble in the 1800’s.

Once we had finished our wander around and been to the cafe and shop we went for a walk .. it was a lovely sunny day.

And then back home…

As I write this we are in semi lockdown – no tube rides for me for a while. But when I can I will be enjoying gallery visits again. In the meantime this is a very happy memory to enjoy. I won’t ever be seeing the Museum of Childhood like this again though. It’s closed for a £13m revamp. It will reopen in 2022. I wonder what it will be like?